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DB-HTML Converter PRO
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ZDnet Editors' Pick
PROS: * Easy install * Powerful, useful program * Ample documentation * Easy to use * Support for all major database formats * Excellent HTML capabilities

TUCOWS Reviewers' Pick
A must have for those of you who want to convert database to html files.
5 Cows: Must have! Beautiful piece of programming!



   DB-HTML Converter PRO1.4
Easy-To-Use ... Web Ready ... Feature Rich


Converts Databases
DB-HTML Converter is a tool that generates Web pages and HTML reports from Dbase, Paradox, Fox Pro, MS Access, DB2, Informix, InterBase, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, ... databases.

Easy-To-Use and Fast
DB-HTML Converter can be used by beginners as well as advanced users. Web page's and html report's creation process is easy and fast. Computer users with basic HTML and database knowledge can create pages within several minutes. You can only select a database and fields to be included in the output and press GO push button. DB-HTML Converter, then, begins generating HTML file(s) for the selected database.

Database Functions
Provides flexible Database Maintenance functions that can satisfy advanced computer users. Select/Define Index - allows you to specify in which order the database records will be processed. Structured Query Language (SQL) - allows you to select columns and rows from a database (or a set of databases) based on specified conditions. Simple and Expression Filters - allow you to select only a subset of records in your HTML reports. Borland Database Engine Administrator - allows you to set connection with a database on your local computer or server.

Each WEB page is split into four sections. Depending on your requirements you can select sections that will be included in your report. Page Attributes: define background color/graphic, meta tags, menus, margins, .... . Page Header: define header title, header text, header graphic,.... Page Body: define report layout, .... Page Footer: define footer title, footer text, footer graphic,.....

Creates Web Pages or reports in plain or tabular form. Creates one page reports or grouped reports split into separate pages. A powerful set of HTML formatting functions let you easily create quality, professionally looking documents, web pages, inventory reports with color, graphics, hyperlinks and different fonts. If you have already templates for your Web documents, DB-HTML Converter PRO will accept them as templates.

New Tables
Easily allows you to organize structured information in the form of new data tables. Program supports all data field types (plain text, numbers, graphics, ...).

Converts digital images from your database into files accepted by all browsers (GIF, JPEG). Allows you to enter graphics to your data file in a variety of ways (scan, capture, or load from file). Support for the direct entries from TWAIN compliant devices (scanners, digital cameras, and other image capturing devices). Support for GIF, JPEG, PNG, and PCX file formats.

What's New
New in v1.4 Maintenance release New in v1.3 Custom HTML Templates. Design a HTML document with the tool you know very well, your favorite HTML Editor. Use this document as a template for generating your WEB pages. New in v1.2 Maintenance release. New Borland Database Engine (BDE). New in v1.1 New File Maintenance function. DB-HTML Converter PRO provides flexible features that give you control on the process of naming and upgrading HTML and graphic files. Improved functionality of the HTML Report Wizard. You can display several data fields in the same line or column. There are new User-Defined Fields. New Configuration File (CFG). CFG lets you control DB-HTML Converter Pro remotely.

PC 386 CPU or better; 2 MB RAM; Color monitor; Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT; Requires only 400 Kbytes of disk space.

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for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT

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  • Comments ... Primasoft HTML Pro Converter came to the rescue. This software is capable of quickly and simply converting thousands of lines of MSExcel spreadsheet into thousands of HTML files ready for immediate FTP transfer to the server. A few hours creating templates, a few minutes creating HTML files and job was reduced from weeks to hours. With HTML Pro Converter site management such as price changes is even quicker and easier than with dynamic (data base driven) HTML sites..."


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