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Inventory Asset database templates for Organizer Deluxe and Pro users

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Template: Inventory Asset (1089)
Template Number: 1089
Number of data fields: Database Level:

Asset Organizer software solution overview:
Use this template to track your business assets. You can enter the following information about your assets: item name, item number, producer, model, serial number, category, status, condition, assigned to, date, location, remarks, short note, purchase date, quantity, cost, total cost, value, vendor, contact information, depreciation, maintenance log, notes, picture. There are also custom fields that you can use for your purposes.

Asset software solution features:
  • You can quickly print reports.
  • You can quickly find information about any item.
  • You can customize the template or create a new one.

  • Database Fields Included :

    Database and Software Screenshots :
    Inventory, Assets Organizer

    Inventory, Assets Organizer

    Inventory, Assets Organizer

    Inventory, Assets Organizer

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