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Internet Organizer Deluxe

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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Comment about Internet Software: "The best to organize the net. Well done. "

Comment about Internet Software: "Your Internet Organizer does something that no other piece of software seems capable of. It can retrieve and send URL's to the America Online browser. "

Comment about Internet Software: "Nice screens Program is easy to use (very self-explanatory) Great menu selections (logically organized) Everything WORKS no GPFs or any crashes! "

Comment about Internet Software: " After comparing this software to five other products, I can only say, "Nice Job"! I really enjoy the flexibility it provides, as well as the notes I can assign to a site."

Comment about Internet Software: "Internet Organizer Deluxe was specifically designed to help users systemize and organize their Internet-related information in a single application. Similar to the Contacts section in your mobile phone, you get a searchable directory of websites with detailed information for each of them. Apart from purely website-related information, you can also store and manage the information on your Internet marketing activities. "

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