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Internet, Web Organizer Software for Windows: Internet Organizer Deluxe

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Internet Organizer Deluxe
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Over 100 free templates, ready-to-use with Internet Organizer Deluxe
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Internet Organizer Deluxe, v4.1

for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/95/98/Me/2000/2003/NT ..

Internet, Web Organizer Software for Windows

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  • Software Overview
    Internet Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software that allows business and home PC users to organize Web related information. For the computer novice, Internet Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use solutions make it easy to set up and use.
    • Web Organizer Basic: organize and maintain all your favorite sites.
    • Web Organizer Detailed: complete solution that allows you to maintain detailed information about your Internet activities: web site name, web site address, login name, password, support email, notes, ..
    • Web Organizer Table: solution that allows you to organize and maintain all your web addresses using specialized table field.
    • Web Advertising: complete database template that allows you to maintain data about your marketing activities on the Internet.
    • Ready-to-use templates: there are other solutions that will enable you to be productive and effective at work immediately.
    For the power user, Organizer affords the simplicity of wizards that make it easy to set up and use web - related databases that you create.

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    software for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP, 9x, Me, 2000, 2003, NT,..

    Software Benefits
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    • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use templates and the user-friendly interface let you easily and quickly organize your Internet - related information.
    • Quickly access your data: You can access and view your data in virtually any way. Table Viewer allows you to view data in rows and columns. Browser Viewer allows you to view data in virtually any way using browser viewer. Standard Record Viewers allows you to easily enter, and modify records, or quickly generate data specific commands.
    • Easily Process Data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard let you create quality, professionally looking documents, reports and summaries, Web pages and catalogs, labels with color and graphics.
    • Flexible productivity tool: Using a helper program called Designer you can easily modify templates included in the package.
    • Learn once use multiple times: You can use application for all your database needs. You can create your own data organizers or you can try our ready-to-use business and home solutions: Solution Center.
    • Web ready: Web Ready features gives you the ability to publish your database to the Web. You can easily launch E-mail program or Web browser.
    • Save time organizing your records: Results of time consuming tasks or repetitive processes can be saved into templates.

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    Comment about Internet Software:
    "The best to organize the net. Well done. "

    Comment about Internet Software:
    "Your Internet Organizer does something that no other piece of software seems capable of. It can retrieve and send URL's to the America Online browser. "

    Comment about Internet Software:
    "Nice screens Program is easy to use (very self-explanatory) Great menu selections (logically organized) Everything WORKS no GPFs or any crashes! "

    Comment about Internet Software:
    " After comparing this software to five other products, I can only say, "Nice Job"! I really enjoy the flexibility it provides, as well as the notes I can assign to a site."

    Comment about Internet Software:
    "Internet Organizer Deluxe was specifically designed to help users systemize and organize their Internet-related information in a single application. Similar to the Contacts section in your mobile phone, you get a searchable directory of websites with detailed information for each of them. Apart from purely website-related information, you can also store and manage the information on your Internet marketing activities. "


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    Internet Organizer Deluxe

    All Organizer Deluxe Solutions (61 programs) for only $119.00

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    5/5 stars: " Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class." Software Awards

    "a great download for personal or business use" Comments

    software key benefits:
  • easy to learn and use
  • database designer
  • quickly organize and view data
  • be productive instantly
  • 100 database software solutions

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