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    Database templates for schools

       Address Organizer, Home (Personal)
       Address, Contact Software
       Address, Contact Software (Business)
       Agenda Organizer - Agenda by Activities
       Agenda Organizer - Agenda Simple
       Agenda Organizer - Agenda Table
       Art Antiques Basic
       Art, Fine Art
       Art, Virtual Gallery
       Asset Organizer - Basic
       Asset Organizer - Basic Plus
       Asset Organizer - Detailed
       Book Organizer
       Calendar Organizer - Calendar 1
       Calendar Organizer - Calendar 2
       Calendar Organizer - Calendar 3
       Camp Organizer - Campers
       Camp Organizer - Camps
       CD Catalog, Music Organizer
       CD Catalog, Music Organizer, Template 2
       Coach Organizer - Exercise Manager
       Coach Organizer - Practice Manager
       Coach Organizer - Team Evaluation
       Coach Organizer - Team Members
       Collectibles Inventory (Basic)
       Collectibles Inventory (Detailed)
       Contact Manager 1
       Contact Manager 2
       Dictionary Detailed
       Dictionary Simple
       Digital Document Manager - 1
       Digital Document Manager - 2
       Digital Document Manager - Simple
       Document Organizer, template 1
       Document Organizer, template 2
       DVD, Movie Collection Organizer
       Event Organizer - Agenda Planner
       Event Organizer - Event Advanced
       Event Organizer - Event Basic
       Event Organizer - Participant Advanced
       Event Organizer - Participant Basic
       Exhibition Organizer - Exhibition Detailed
       Exhibition Organizer - Exhibition Simple
       Exhibition Organizer - Exhibitors
       FAQ Detailed - Template 2
       FAQ, Simple - Template 1
       Improvement Organizer
       Inventory, Asset Organizer
       Inventory, Business Inventory
       Inventory, Home Inventory
       Inventory, Home Inventory - basic
       Inventory, Home Inventory - detailed
       Job List, Job Tracker
       Journal, Diary, Notes Organizer
       Junior Organizer - Day Planner
       Junior Organizer - Junior Members
       Knowledge Base Manager 1
       Knowledge Base Manager 2
       List Organizer
       Member Organizer - Members
       Message Organizer
       Message Organizer, Detailed 1
       Message Organizer, Detailed 2
       Multimedia Organizer
       Notes Detailed - Template 1
       Notes Detailed - Template 2
       Notes Journal
       Notes Simple - Template 1
       Notes Simple - Template 2
       Notes Simple - Template 3
       Notes To Do
       Office database, Job Listings
       Password Manager 1
       Password Manager 2
       Personnel, Employee Manager 1
       Personnel, Employee Manager 2
       Picture Organizer, Basic
       Purchase Order Manager
       Quote Verse Proverb Manager 1
       Quote Verse Proverb Manager 2
       Request Organizer - Request 1
       Request Organizer - Request 2
       Request Organizer - Request 3
       Terminology, Glossary Manager Detailed
       Terminology, Glossary Manager Simple
       ToDo Manager - Basic
       ToDo Manager - Detailed
       Translation Manager
       Vendor, Supplier Manager 1
       Vendor, Supplier Manager 2
       Web, Bookmark Organizer

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    Database software solutions for schools, K-12 database solutions, colleges, universities.

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    "I have only been using the Organizer software for two days now. I am totally impressed by what it can do and how intuitive it is for the most part."

    " I was very impressed with the Note Organizer Deluxe application. I've chosen it over the Fruitful Time Manager application and the TaskMerlin application. .. I love the reports, sorting options, and the wonder filter options. .. I think you guys are great, so please continue to feed my habit for organized notes with updates to this great product"

    " Also...what a relief to finally find your software! I can see that Organizer is wonderful and can save hours of time for small business users. I'm going to recommend the Organizer to many small businesses as an alternative to complicated database program choices."


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