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Organizer Deluxe Series

Cannot Update Record message is displayed every time I click on a record button.

One or more records are probably corrupted.
Try to use Repair Data File function (Advanced/Maintenance).
If this problem happens again it means that you are probably using so called Internal Graphic Fields. We strongly recommend that you convert your Internal Graphic Fields to External Graphic Fields. In order to do this click on Advanced/Maintenance/Graphic Fields and then, click on Help. Try to follow the steps described in the Help file.

If you are not sure how to Repair your database or how to Convert Internal Graphic Fields to External Graphic Fields we can do this for you for $50 US per incident:
1) Make a payment by using this link: Repair Database Service
2) Send an email message to with a short descriptionof your problem.
3) Wait for an email message with further instructions.



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