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Problem, Error
Topic Question
Error Organizer doesn't start and "Cannot open Master.dbf" and "Exception Access Violation" messages are displayed.
Error Organizer starts but disappears and no error messages are displayed.
Error Organizer doesn't start and "Index out of range" error message is displayed.
Error Cannot Update Record message is displayed every time I click on a record button.
Installation What is Borland Database Engine and how do I set it up?
Installation Problems running one of the Organizers on a network?
Installation File downloaded from your home page have a ".TGZ" extension. Why ?
Installation How to install downloaded software?
Installation How to set up Organizers to accept International (non-English) characters?
Data My database is huge (e.g. 100MB or more) and I don't have that many records.
Letter Tabs Why Letter Tabs Are Not Working?
Manuals Manuals in Rich Text Format.
Graphics How to enter graphics?

Topic Question
Display Main Window Is Sizeable!
Data Entry Use Record Templates!
Data Entry You can customize the data fields!
Headers Customize Headers In The Table Of Contents!

Data, Records
Topic Question
Records How Many Records Are There In My Database?
Backup Protect Your Data - Back It Up!
Lists How to change or delete items in drop-down lists?
Duplications How to eliminate duplications.
Backup How can I Backup my database?
Restore How can I Restore my database from the backup files?
Upgrades How to import/transfer database from old Organizer to Organizer DELUXE?

Topic Question
Quick Help Use Right Mouse Button.
Filters How To Use Filters!
Search Use Non-Stop Search!
Multi-User Should I use Single-User or Multi-User Mode?
Sort Changing The Ordering Of The Database!

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