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Question/Topic: How to select random records?

This explanation is based on the Art/Antiques Database Solution. All our organizers have the same filter functionality.

  1. Decide which data field you would like to use to mark records for the random selection. In this case we use CUSTOM4 data field and we entered Print value into this field.
  2. Enter Print value into CUSTOM4 data fields for all records that you would like to process.
  3. On the Advanced menu, click Filter.
  4. In the Set Filter window select CUSTOM4 data field.
  5. In the Define Filter window select "=" and enter "Print".  Click OK
  6. In the Set Filter window click Apply.
  7. Organizer displays only records that have "Print" value in the CUSTOM4 data field. 
  8. Now you can print reports for the selected records, display summaries, ...
  9. To display all records, click with the right mouse button on the Filter button. Select All Records command..
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Related software (Read/Download) :
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We have the primasoft small library software and I have been trying to reprint some barcode labels for books already entered into the database. I cannot seem to figure out how to reprint previously printed labels and how to select only certain barcode numbers that are not in consecutive order (i.e. barcode 1234, 2223 and 4523). Is there a way to select certain titles and have them all print together.

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