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Public Search utility allows employees/students/borrowers to process search transactions without launching Equipment/Tools Organizer Pro software. All databases are protected from unwanted modifications or deletions. Search Utility can be used on one computer or on the network.

  • On your computer desktop click on the Search icon.
  • Select the field that you would like to search in the Search By (A).
  • Enter one or more search words in the Text To Search For (B).
  • Select the number of results in the Find (C).
  • Click Search to perform equipment/tool search (D).
  • Your results will be listed as a list in the Search Results table (E). You can define what information is listed in the Search Results table.
  • Click on any item in the list to display item details in the right section (F).

equipment/tools inventory search utility (OPAC)

equipment inventory public search utility, borrowers search, opac

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