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Question/Topic: Import equipment/tool records from another application (Excel).

Our Equipment/Tool Inventory solution allows you to import data from a delimited text file (valid delimiters and separators: tab, comma, semicolon, quotes, ...)

1. Excel, create text file (tab delimited)

  • Start Excel and load your worksheet file you want to save for import into our database.
  • On the File menu, Click Save As.
  • In the File name box, type a name for your file.
  • In the Save as type box, click Text (tab delimited).
  • Important: Remember a folder where the text file was saved.
  • Click Save.

Check sample screen snapshots, listed after text instructions.

2. Our Equipment/Tool Management software

  • Start our  Equipment/Tools software and open main database to import the new records.
  • On the Advanced menu, click Import.
  • In the Import Source window select Text File and click OK.
  • In the Import Options window select data fields that are in your text file.
    1. only select the fields that are in your text file.
    2. selected fields have to be in the same order as they are in your text file.
  • Click Preview On Screen.
  • Select your text file in the Enter/Select Import File window and click Open.
  • Check the import for the first 3 records in the Import Preview.
  • Click Do Import to import all records. Select your text file in the Enter/Select Import File window and click Open.
  • Review imported record.

sample equipment/tools inventory spreadsheet file in Microsoft Excel format:

equipment table in spreadsheet format

equipment/tools text file (tab delimited):

equipment records in a text file, tab delimited

equipment/tools inventory software, import window, data fields selected:

tool inventory import window, data fields selected

important, review your setting:

text file and import window, check your settings

equipment/tools database, import preview window:

equipment inventory import, preview window

Common problems:

  • Excel, export to a text file (tab delimited): If a cell(data field) contains a comma, the cell(data field) contents are enclosed in double quotation marks. Solution:
    Do export/import and then use search/replace in our software to remove all quotation marks.
  • Other database applications: some applications allow to include tab(s) inside your data (delimiter collision: records will not be exported/imported correctly).
    1. create a text file with a different field delimiter (~, @, $, %), select delimiter that does not appear in your data.
    2. remove tabs from your original data (do search/replace).
  • If exported records do not display correctly in Equipment Tools Organizer Pro: on the Advanced menu, click Maintenance. In the Maintenance window click Delete All Records.

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