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Question/Topic: How to modify barcode data field (generate automatically barcodes when entering data)

BARCODE data field is a regular text field. You can enter barcodes manually, scan them into the field with a barcode scanner, or import from a text file. We are assuming that you have a ready-to-use barcode numbering system in your business. In this case a regular text field is the best, it accepts any entries.

If you don't have a ready-to-use barcode numbering system we suggest to change the type of our BARCODE data field. In Organizer pro, you can define a field that automatically generates a unique number when you enter a new record.

  1. Equipment/Tool database, BARCODE data field is a regular text field.
    equipment tool inventory sytem, automatically generate barcode numbers
  2. Close Organizer Pro and start Designer.
    Click Create/Modify Data Fields Layout
  3. Select EquipmentTools database and click OK.
  4. Click on the BARCODE data field to select it.
    Click with the right mouse button on the field to display popup menu.
    Click Change Field Type.
  5. In the Data Entry Control window select Text Auto-Incrementing Field.
    Click OK to save a new setting.
  6. Click Save to save changes and close the Field Layout Designer window.
  7. Close Designer.
    Start Organizer Pro Manager.
    BARCODE data field has different background and does not accept direct entries from the keyboard.
    With the right mouse button click on the field to display popup menu.
    Select Options.
  8. In the Options window set numbering options.
    We suggest to enter 1000. It will allow to generate 8999 uniform (four digit) numbers (from 1000 to 9999).
    More items? then enter 10000, it will allow to generate 89999 uniform (5 digit) numbers (from 10000 to 99999)
  9. Click New Record.
    The program automatically assigns the barcode number (in this case is 1002).
    Enter unique ITEMNAME, CATEGORY, STORAGE, .. and click Save Record.

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