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Question/Topic: Library Assistant Deluxe: add library items automatically with ISBN or UPC number.

1. Start Library Assistant Deluxe and load Library database.

2. Open Add Records from Internet window:

  • On the Web menu, click Add Records from Internet.

library assistant autocataloging

3. Select search sites and enter, load from file, or scan ISBN numbers:

  • In the Search By box, select the search type: isbnBook (A).
  • In the Search Site box, select the site(s) (B) you want to search.
  • Click Search Items tab. Enter ISBN number(s) (C). One number per line. Enter numbers manually, use barcode scanner, or load isbn numbers from a text file (one item per line), (only enter numbers, without space, dash, underscore, ...) .
  • Click Search Selected Sites.

initial setup:

library assistant catalog by isbn

enter isbn numbers:

4. Review results, import items to your library assistant database:

  • Click Search Selected Sites (D).
  • Organizer will search the site(s), extract the data, and list results in the Found Items table (F) or NotFound Items table.
  • Check/Uncheck the box in front of each item to select/unselect it (E). Click Import (G) to add the selected books to your database. Important: Import procedure adds all selected items, it does not check for duplicates.
  • Click Not Found Items tab to display the list of not found ISBN numbers.

search, import results:

library assistant import results

5. Library Assistant new items:

  • New records are added to the library assistant database.

Library Assistant mapping:

  • Field mapping is defined in the Data Field Mapping text box.

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