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Question/Topic: Library Assistant Deluxe:

Library Assistant Deluxe is a database management system that allows library volunteers, assistants to catalogue items on their own computers. Later, items can be easily exported and imported to the main library software (computer). We offer FREE Library Assistant Deluxe to all customers who purchased any Library Pro solutions with a one year support service.

Library Assistant Deluxe: enter library data:

Move data from Library Assistant to your Library Pro solution.

  1. Library Assistant Deluxe: export records to data files.
  2. Move data files from the Library Assistant export/import folder to the Library Pro solution export/import folder. If Library Assistant and Library Pro programs are installed on different computers you can move your data files in the following way: send email with data files attached to the message, use USB flash drive (USB memory stick).
  3. Main Library Pro software: import records from the file.

Library Assistant Deluxe more:

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