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How to define/change categorized/default Due Date Period(s) ?

How to define/change Due Date Period for all Library solutions:
version number 1.0 - 2.0click here
version number 3.0 - upclick here

Categorized Due Date Period feature is included in all Library solutions starting with version 2.1 (release date: April, 2009). You can upgrade your library solution: Library Upgrade.

How to define/change Due Date Period for all Library solutions version number 2.1 - 2.9:

Open Manage Loans

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select and load Library database.
  • Open Manage Loans windows:
    a. Click on the Loan tab. Click with right mouse button on the Loan field to display pop-up menu. Select Manage Loans command.
    b. On the Search menu, click Manage Loans
  • In the Manage Loans window (screen snapshot below) click Set Due Date Period (1).

library, manage loans window

How to define library categorized due date period?

How to define/modify library default due date period?

  • Select the field in the Use this Data Field to determine Due Date Period (1) box. For example you can select item TYPE data field. This field has values like: Book, DVD, CD, Journal, ...
  • Enter the value of the field into Field Value (2) edit box (for example: DVD), enter the number of days the item can be loaned in the Due Date Period (3) edit box. Click Add/Edit button to add the setting to the Due Date Period list.
  • Repeat this procedure for other item types that do not use Default Due Date Period.
  • Note: Default Due Date Period (4), this value will be used if you do not define categorized due date periods.

library software define categorized due date period


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