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Question/Topic: How to enter book numbers from pre-printed barcode labels?

If you have pre-printed library bar code labels you can enter them into the Library Pro in the following way:

Use bar code scanner

  • stick a label in a book
  • find the book in the database
  • select book bar code field
  • scan the label

Automatically generate bar code numbers. If it's hard or impossible to scan each barcode label from the book into our library software we suggest the following solution.

  • Print Item List report of all your books (library items). This report should contain data fields that will allow you to quickly and correctly identify a book material on the shelf.
  • Place barcode labels on the library materials in the same order as they are on the Item List report.
  • You can place your book labels on the inside (good protection of the label) or outside (fast loan/return processing) of the book.
  • Pre-printed book bar code labels come as a sequence of numbers (e.g. 01000 - first label, 02999 - last label, in a pack of 2000 pre-printed labels).
  • Start Library Pro. Check if the order of records (library items) is the same as on the Item List report.
  • On the Search menu, click Replace. Select BARCODE in the Field To Be Replaced box. Select Auto-Increment in the Replace Mode section. Enter 01000 (number of the first label) in the Start From box. Select First Record in the Start Replacing From section. Click Replace.
  • Note: remember to enter the first number that is on your bar code label.

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