Question/Topic: How to install your software on the network?

Our Organizers use Borland Database Engine (specifically its DBase subset) and you have to perform certain steps in order to set it up on a network.

After downloading the trial version of Organizer Deluxe or Pro to the server do the following:

  1. Run Setup.exe on the SERVER. Install it on the drive that is accessible from other workstations. If you are installing from a CD just run Setup.exe on the SERVER.
  2. On the SERVER, locate your Organizer main folder and run bdesetup.exe. If you don't have this file just download it using this link: and unzip it to your Organizer main folder.
  3. Follow all the steps of Bdesetup. You only have to do this ONCE.
  4. On every workstation that will be accessing Organizer map the Organizer main folder on the server to a local drive you used when running bdesetup program (e.g. Z:). Use Windows Explorer (Tools/Map Network Drive) to do this.
  5. On every workstation create a shortcut on the Desktop pointing to Deluxe.exe or Orgpro.exe file on the server.
  6. Try to run Organizer from each workstation. If it works you are done.
  7. If it doesn't work select the Organizer main folder and double-click on Bde32.reg file (merge it into the registry).

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