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Question/Topic: How to backup database files?

  • Open a database that you would like to backup. (see: Load database)
  • On the Advanced menu click Maintenance.
  • In the Maintenance window click Backup.
  • In the Backup window select a destination drive and/or a destination folder where your backup file(s) will be stored.
    Enter name for you backup file. You can use the name suggested by Organizer Deluxe
  • Click Next.
  • You can define several backup options (compression, password protection, encryption, backup one database or all, ..) on this page.
  • Click Next. To start backup process click Start Backup.

Warning: do not select backup all databases if you are not sure how this function works. See: Backup All Databases

Backup procedure creates an exact copy of your data files with all related files (data layout fields, drop-down boxes content, ..).
If you restore database from the backup file you can restore it to the original database or to a new database.
Backup procedure is the best if you would like to move/transfer database from one computer to another.

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