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How to restore database files?

Step 1
  • On the Advanced menu click Maintenance.
  • In the Maintenance window click Restore/Verify.

click Restore/Verify in the Maintenance window:

Step 2

  • Restore window has a preselected file from the last backup.
  • To restore database from the last backup click Next.
  • To change the selection click Browse.

click Browse to change the backup file selection:

Step 3

  • In the Select Backup File window select the folder with backup files.
  • Click on the file name to select it.
  • Click Open.

select folder with your backup files:

Step 4

  • Verify the information in the Backup File Info box.
  • Click Next to continue.

verify backup file information and click Next

Step 5

  • Select Restore to Original Database: it will restore to Original Database (regardless of the currently opened database), if Original Database was deleted this function will recreate the database.
  • Select Restore to New Database: it will create a new database with the structure, content, and layout of the original database.

select Restore Mode and click Start Restore

Step 6

  • Restore to New Database recreates the database with the following name:  "data_file_name.db - MM/DD/YY"
  • On the File menu click Load Database. In the Load Database window select the database and click Edit to change the name.

click Edit to change the database name


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