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Question/Topic: How to customize the web search (script files)?

Web search, direct browsing import, and complex import(Marc) script files.

  • Script files for the web cataloging, direct cataloging, and complex cataloging/importing are listed in the C:\YOUR_PROGRAM\SCRIPTS folder.
  • You are allowed to modify scripts.
  • You have to understand the web search/cataloging/importing scripts before you make any changes.
  • Use text editor to create script files.

To define the web search (web cataloging) for one site you need at least three files.

  1. scripts.ini file: The first file is scripts.ini. You are not allowed to modify the name of this file. This is the first file read by Organizer Pro or Organizer Deluxe. It tells the program which database is using which script. In other words this file links a database to a corresponding script file. You are also allowed to link all databases to the same script. You should use the database name as it appears in the Load Database window.
    Example 1: All databases will use books.ini script file
    The scripts.ini file will look like:

    Example 2: You would like to use Organizer Deluxe for cataloging movies (MyMovies database) and books (MyBooks database). MyMovies database will use movies.ini script file, MyBooks database will use books.ini script file.
    The scripts.ini file will look like:

  2. The name of this file is defined in the scripts.ini file (See above exmples: books.ini or movies.ini). The second file or the second group of files (books.ini, movies.ini,..) contains the following information for each web site: site name, search by parameter definition, search/page link definition, name of the script file that retreives data from the web page.
    Example 1: for the site, books searched by ISBN number, the content of the books.ini file:
    [ - US]

    [ - US] (the name of the site, it will be displayed in the Search Site box)
    $1=isbn (search by parameter, in this case it's ISBN number, it will be displayed in the Search By box)
    isbn= link, @ this character will be replaced by ISBN number during search)
    isbn_script=amazon.txt (search script file definition, to retrieve data from the particular web page program uses this script file: amazon.txt)

  3. The third file or group of files (example: amazon.txt,..)defines the way the program retrieves data from the particular web page. We suggest to view scripts that are already included in the program, they are listed in the C:\YOURPROGRAM\SCRIPTS folder. Those files use our scripting language. When the Organizer Deluxe or Pro executes a script it does not check for errors.

To define the complex import (example: MARC files).

  1. scripts.ini The scripts.ini file will look like:


  2. marc.ini The marc.ini file will look like:
    [Marc File - Machine]

  3. marc_machine.txt defines the way the library software retrieves data from the marc file.

To define the direct cataloging from the browser.

  1. scripts.ini The scripts.ini file will look like:


  2. browser.ini The browser.ini file will look like (example is based on our predefined scripts):
    [Marc Library Of Congress]


  3. marc_LofC.txt, book_amazon.txt files define the way the library software retrieves data from the page displayed in the browser

NOTE: if you have a popular site that displays book, movie, music, .. data let us know, we will try to define more scripts.

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