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Web search script files.

Latest script files
Download them and decompress in the software Scripts folder.

The above procedure will overwrite all files in the Scripts folder.

Library Systems:

Script files for:
Small, Church, Simple, School Library Organizer Pro:
script_library_solutions.exe (self-extracting)

Script files for Music Library Pro:
script_music_library.exe (self-extracting)

Script files for Movie Library Pro:
script_movie_library.exe (self-extracting)

Script files for Book Organizer Deluxe:
bookscripts.exe (self-extracting)

Script files for Music Organizer Deluxe:
musicscripts.exe (self-extracting)

Script files for Movie Organizer Deluxe:
moviescripts.exe (self-extracting)

Self-Extracting procedure:
- click on the file above (select the script file for the program you are using)
- click run
- to select the scripts subfolder click Browse...

- select your program installation folder, click on the scripts subfolder, click OK

- verify the Unzip to folder box, click Unzip


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