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Question/Topic: Make the software ready for Web Search (books, dvds, videos, cds,..)?

Requirements for Web Search (search books by isbn, search videos and dvds by UPC, search cds by UPC).

  1. Book, Movie or Music Organizer Deluxe version 2.7 or up, Small Library Pro version 1.6 or up.
  2. Web Search Scripts intalled on your computer in the Scripts folder (this is done automatically by the program if you installed: Deluxe version 2.7 or up, Organizer Pro version 1.6 or up)

If you upgraded to the newest version of the program and your old version was lower than the versions specified above your upgrade is still not ready for the web search. It does not have scripts intalled on your computer.

Web Search Script installation instructions:

1. Create Scrips folder.

  • Start Windows Explorer.
  • Activat the folder where your Organizer is installed (1).
  • On the File menu click New and select Folder.
  • Change the name: "New Folder" to "Scripts" (2).

Windows Explorer, Organizer folder, MY_ORGANIZER stands for the name where you installed your software.

web search, program main folder

Windows Explorer, a new folder SCRIPTS is created.

web search, scripts folder creation

1. Download and extract script files..

  • Click on the correct script file to download it.
  • Extract the file to the newly created folder SCRIPTS.
  • Your program is ready for the web search. On the Web menu you will have new commands: Add Records From The Internet, Upgrade Records From The Internet...
  • Script Files

Windows Explorer, Scripts folder contents after the extraction of the downloaded script file (book organizer scripts).

scripts folder content

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