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Buy Now School Pack Pro
(1 School License included)

  • price $349.00 
  • for Windows
  • CDrom or download
  • 30 day money back guarantee

School Pack:

  • School Library Organizer Pro
  • Textbook Manager Pro
  • School Inventory Management
  • School Tool/Equipment Tracking System
  • Teacher Organizer Deluxe
  • Visitor Organizer
  • Address/Contact Organizer
  • Amigo (Calendar/Reminder)
1 School License:
install the software on any number of computers within the same school, unlimited number of users within the same school. Supports network installation and network use within the same school.

School Library Organizer Pro

School Library Organizer Pro is an easy-to-use Windows software tool that helps you to organize and manage your school library. Our software is a perfect choice for school librarians who would like to manage the following activities of your library: catalog, search, and circulate all your school library collections, organize library members information, keep track of the library circulation data. read more...

Textbook Manager Pro

Textbook Organizer Pro is a simple to use textbook management software for school districts and schools. Our textbook tracking software gives you an easy way to catalog, manage and track all textbooks, students, teachers and process circulation transactions. read more...

School Inventory Management

Inventory Organizer Deluxe provides fast and effective solution to track equipment, computers, furniture, and all school items. read more...

School Tool/Equipment Tracking System

A flexible database system for schools that have an equipment/tool rental facility. Track electronic equipment, laboratory equipment, and tools. read more...

Teacher Organizer Deluxe

Set of several easy to use databases give teachers an easy way to enter, manage, track, and organize small class library, class inventory, student contact records, to-do notes, incident reports, and more. read more...

Visitor Organizer

This is a simple database solution for a school receptionist. Collect and easily track visitor information, print visitor badges, easy-to-use application. read more...

Address/Contact Organizer

Handy database solutions let your school to manage addresses and contact logs. read more...

Amigo (Calendar/Reminder)

Amigo is an easy-to-use calendar-reminder utility. Amigo-2000 allows you to easily enter any number of recurring and non-recurring reminders. read more...


You can download and use any database template that is listed in our solution center. read more...

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