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Easily track and land multimedia equipment, lab equipment, medical equipment, a/v equipment, electronics, computers, or tools.

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Handy E-T Manager in action:

The Community Television Network is a non-profit Public Access TV station in Portland, Maine. We use the Handy Equipment Tool Manager to keep track of about 200 pieces of video equipment that we loan out to our Access Producers for their video projects. The equipment we manage includes video cameras, tripods, batteries, microphones and cables. We selected Handy Tool Manager because it provides all of the features of programs that are written specifically for Access Stations but at a much more affordable price - a big concern for a non-profit like ours. One staff member administers the program and the Check In/Out process is done by one of four staff members using a barcode scanner. The program helps us keep track of overdue equipment so we can ensure that nothing goes missing. The program is very reliable and easy to learn and use.
Brian Knoblock
Media Coordinator
Community Television Network
Portland, Maine

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Handy Equipment/Tool Library Manager

handy equipment tool manager, business inventory system
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Equipment collections enter into the main inventory catalogue. Enter quickly multiple copies of the same tool/equipment/device. Define loan periods and/or fines. Check in/out items using barcode scanner or manually using lookup feature. Define and manage multiple libraries. Equipment can be booked (reserved). Display all items/devices that are overdue. Print customized receipts. We offer affordable network/site license for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. Review our handy inventory database with flexible check in check out feature >>

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Equipment/Tool Organizer Pro

equipment tool organizer pro
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Equipment catalog management, library patron management, circulation management.

Process check in and check out transactions. Barcode support. Review our affordable equipment tool management software solution >>


Inventory Organizer Deluxe

inventory deluxe for tool cribs
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Catalog management. Simple database management system for book collectors or very small libraries. Check simple inventory database >>

Library management software and equipment management


Handy Library Manager

Use our library management system. Multiple database management feature allows you to manage your book and document library and equipment library.

library management multiple databases >>

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