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    Bread Alone: Bold Fresh

    Leader, Daniel

    Morrow Cookbooks
    Published: November 1993
    ISBN: 0688092616

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    Book Description
    From Library Journal
    Here is a wonderful collection of delicious recipes and bread lore. Leader, a former New York City restaurant chef, runs Bread Alone, a popular Woodstock, New York, bakery well known for its breads baked in wood-fired brick ovens. Blahnik is a food writer and editor. Leader is an example of the dedicated artisans described in Joe Ortiz's excellent The Village Baker ( LJ 12/92); as he became increasingly fascinated with bread-making, he traveled to Europe and throughout the United States to uncover the secrets of the craft. The results are his traditional and "tradition-based" breads such as Country-Style Loaf with Herbs and Onion, Sourdough Rye, and Pain au Levain with Olives and Rosemary. The recipes are extremely detailed, and the accounts of Leader's adventures in the world of bread bakers are both readable and fun. Highly recommended.
    Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    An innovative cookbook that gives new life to the ancient processes of bread-making offers eighty-eight superb recipes for organic handmade breads, including traditional wheat breads and inventive variations. 35,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo. Tour.

    Book Description
    A comprehensive guide to creating-at home-the country-style breads that have consistently captured the imagination and the taste buds of the world.In a richly told tale, Leader chronicles his crossings of America and Europe to locate the most vital ingredients at the source, to learn from the methods of the world's great bakers, and to perfect their traditional techniques. His recipes are ones that have been used for centuries: large sourdough ryes, rich and dark raisin pumpernickel loaves, real French pain au levain, big round wheats with walnuts, crusty baguettes, high and airy breads, and more. Made from organic, stone-ground grains, these breads are slow-leavened, hand-shaped, and baked to perfection on heated baking tiles. As you read through the recipes, you can almost smell the ancient aroma of baking bread. And as you begin to bake, you will learn the importance of the primary ingredient in great bread: your own observations.These are some, of the breads and techniques you will master:
    In the chapter "Becoming Bread," you will learn to identify and shop for the highest quality flour available. And you will seek it out because you'll taste the difference.
    Making a poolish will become second nature to you as you master the Learning Recipe: Classic Country-Style Hearth Loaf and its delicious variations.
    Whatever your schedule, there is a bread for you. In the chapter "Straight-Dough Breads: Traditional Breads for a Modern Life-Style," you are shown how to start and finish a recipe in five hours, or morning-to-night, or night-to-night.
    You will bake sourdough bread in its many forms. By gently introducing the concept of sourdough-how it is made, how it is maintained, and how to get the best flavor from it leader demystifies it and makes it accessible to you.
    Discover the wonders of rye bread: From the dense and chewy Finnish Sour Rye to the fragrant Danish Light Rye, everyone's tastes are served.
    The mystery of pain au levain, French for "bread from a sourdough or wild yeast," unfolds into an understandable, user friendly process. From My Personal Favorite Pain au Levain, a typical large Parisian loaf, toPain au Levain with Pecans d
    Dried Cherries, the "Family of TraditionalPain au Levain"includes some of the best loaves baked around the world,
    A perfect baguette is a beautiful thing. From shaping to scoring, you will learn how to make the authentic French baguette at home.
    The purpose of an organic certifier-find out how and why one farmer becomes dedicated to his role as land steward.
    Brioche, Chocolate-Apricot Kugelhopf, Panettone, and Semolina Sesame Rolls are a few recipes you will find in 'A Family of Breads Inspired by Traditional French and Italian Breads."
    Finally, when a quick bread is all you have time to bake, you will find recipes for such delights as Vanilla Bean Butter Loaf; Drie

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