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    Cooking Books -> Chocolate

    Chocolate Desserts By Pierre Herme

    Herme, D. Pierre

    Little Brown & Company
    Published: September 20, 2001
    ISBN: 0316357413

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    Book Description's Best of 2001
    Since Pierre Hermé is probably the best pastry chef in the world, and chocolate the best dessert flavor, it's no surprise that this stellar combination, presented in Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé is dazzling. Hermé's beautiful recipes are written by Dorie Greenspan, who also worked with him on his award-winning Desserts by Pierre Hermé, and the resulting creations are photographed as works of art by Jean-Louis Block-Laine.

    Although Hermé is best known for his multilayered extravaganzas, this collection was written and tested for American home kitchens. So while there are a few mind-boggling, taste-bud-stretching experiences like Plaisir Sucre (hazelnut dacquoise, milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate whipped cream, sheets of tempered milk chocolate, and a crunchy chocolate praline spread), most of the recipes are more than manageable, and just as scrumptious. Lacy Coffee-Cocoa Nougatine Cookies are crisp and delicate and extremely flavorful. The Chocolate Macaroons are the perfectly smooth, ganache-filled ones you see all over Paris, and with Hermé and Greenspan to walk you through the steps, the best results are guaranteed. Pistachio Waffles with Chocolate Cream are crispy outside and moist and tender inside, and the combination of hot and cold makes them even more memorable. Chocolate Rice Pudding is far from old-fashioned, and while it makes a delectable stand-alone dessert, Hermé suggests making it part of a truly grand dessert: his Pear and Fresh Mint Tempura with Chocolate Rice Pudding is an amazing combination of flavors, textures, and temperatures.

    In recipes for everything from Hot Chocolate to Bittersweet Chocolate Sorbet, from Moist and Nutty Brownies to the legendary chocolate caramel extravaganza the Faubourg Pave, readers will benefit from Hermé's 25 years of experience, his limitless creativity, and his obvious passion for his profession. This volume is destined to become a classic. --Leora Y. Bloom

    From Publishers Weekly
    Celebrated as one of France's greatest (and most prolific) pastry chefs, Herm‚ delivers a spectacular collection of recipes celebrating most magical ingredients. In their second collaboration (after Desserts by Pierre Herm‚), Greenspan, a food writer and author, has carefully translated metric measurements and faithfully interpreted French ingredients for the American home cook. She describes the recipes' cultural and technical aspects and includes comments from Herm‚ that shed... read more

    Book Description
    In their second collaboration, the award-winning duo of Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan unveil the secrets of sumptuous chocolate desserts. In these pages you will Þnd a dazzlingly delicious collection of recipes, all featuring the world's most intoxicating ingredient: chocolate.

    If there is a secret to the sensuality of Pierre Hermé's desserts, it just may be his intricate reÞnement of taste, texture, and temperature. Surely, this is what makes all of his desserts such a pleasure to eat.

    Here you will Þnd the simplest chocolate truffle-Black-on-Black Truffles, bite-size balls of bittersweet ganache tossed in dark cocoa-as well as the luxuriously soft and rich Suzy's Cake, which is spectacularly delicious yet quite simple to make. Chic desserts, such as the Triple Crème-individual ramekins layered with espresso crème brûlée, rich chocolate cream, and pure unsweetened whipped cream-or a cup of French-style hot chocolate, or a gâteau de résistance, such as Plaisir Sucré, will be the triumphant end to any meal or the centerpiece for any celebration. Through these more than seventy-five recipes, you will have the many pleasures of tasting chocolate in all its states-hot and cold, creamy and crunchy, smooth and custardy, thick and chewy, bittersweet and sweet, dark, milk, and white.

    Whether you are an expert in the dessert kitchen or a beginner with a desire for the delicious, this collection will introduce you to the myriad delights of Pierre Hermé's desserts, his unusual juxtapositions of ingredients, his conjurer's to

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