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    Cooking Books -> Desserts

    101 Low-Carb and Sugarfree Dessert Recipes

    Fields, April S.

    1stBooks Library
    Published: October 2002
    ISBN: 1403360421

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    Book Description
    Cheri Sicard - Fabulous
    April Fields tackles the toughest challenge facing most low carbers, desserts. A must for any serious low carb dieter!

    From the Author
    I spent better than seven months devoted to this endeavor, experimenting and making huge messes in my kitchen. Some days I couldn't do anything right and then other days I couldn't make a mistake. I stretched the limits of friendships by sending home tons of trial recipes. My neighbors knew that they had to bring empty containers with them anytime they came over. My son took cakes to work and tested reactions. I passed off candies and cookies to unsuspecting relatives. They soon... read more

    Book Description
    Dessert is back! Low-carbers can now have their diet and dessert too! With the advent of improved artificial sweeteners a plethora of manufactured sugarfree sweets are now available - if you want to pay the high price for "new". But what if you want to make them yourself, in your own kitchen? The recipes you have missed are now available in this book. Is it possible to have too many cookbooks?

    You say you want "real" pie crust? How about gooey, chewy candy and cookies? Or how about a Crème Brulee or a Lemon Gateau cake that you could serve to guests? Would you love to have the recipe for a bake mix you can use to make pancakes and waffles that taste like their high carb counterparts, instead of saw dust?

    101 Low-Carb & Sugarfree Dessert Recipes was born from the direct result of a sweetaholic wanting something that simply wasn't out there. After months of turning her kitchen into a food labratory, April Fields now makes these wonderful recipes available to all those low-carbers who long for the comfort of desserts that really satisfy.

    Easy to follow recipes and a complete resource section for finding the best available products will make this cookbook the best thing to come along since… sugarfree Butter Pecan Brittle!

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