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    Modern Classics Book 2 : Cookies, Biscuits and Slices, Small Cakes, Cakes, Desserts, Hot Puddings, Pies and Tarts

    Hay, Donna

    William Morrow
    Published: October 7, 2003
    ISBN: 0060525894

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    Internationally popular Australian cookbook author Hay (The New Cook) follows the savory classic dishes of Modern Classics 1, with this latest on sweets. Illustrating each recipe with a beautiful color photograph are simple instructions that place all the dishes within the reach of every level of cook. Covering the gamut from cookies to tarts and cakes to hot puddings, her recipes are simple, contemporary takes on time-honored favorites and new standards. From traditional Gingerbread Men and rich Chocolate Mousse to her individual Tiramisus, she includes dishes suitable for any occasion and any palate or diet. Many of the dishes are accompanied by captioned photographs and have adaptations of the finished dish, as with the Shortbread, which provides lemon, ginger and lavender varieties to tempt the palate. At the other end of the scale, "Short Order" pages have several short, snappy recipes that are quick, easy-to-prepare dishes and range from Tart and Bun Glaze to the Creme Anglaise. Ingredients, methods and bakeware asterisked within the recipes are described in the Glossary and Tools sections at the back of the book for those for whom further explanations are needed. Giving true meaning to the title Modern Classics, the resulting volume is a welcome addition to any cook's shelf and is sure to add to the ranks of Hay's growing number of fans.
    Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Book Description

    In the Modern Classics series, Australia's bestselling food writer Donna Hay takes the food from the past we lovethe most and makes it irresistibly new. Then she looks at what's the best of the new and turns it into a cooking classic.

    In Modern Classics Book 2, Donna brings back trifle, lamingtons and vanilla slice, but gives them a great modern twist. Then she introduces biscotti, muffins and sugar grilled fruit, the new breed of sweet treat.

    Modern Classics Books 1 and 2 are set to become the commonsense cookbooks of a new generation and essential for everyone, no matter their age or cooking expertise. More practical inspiration from Donna Hay.

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