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    Ripe for Dessert : 100 Outstanding Desserts with Fruit--Inside, Outside, Alongside

    Lebovitz, David

    Published: June 3, 2003
    ISBN: 0066212464

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    More substantial dessert fare shows up in David Lebovitz's Ripe for Dessert . This volume from Alice Waters' pastry chef at Chez Panisse shows dedication to using the finest available seasonal fruits. The many variations on poached pears highlight the fruit's versatility whether poached in white wine, honey, or Marsala. Instead of everyday profiteroles, Lebovitz stuffs anise-orange ice cream into puffs before crowning them with chocolate syrup. Crepes overflow with Grand Marnier butter and then get a topping of butterscotch sauce. For the kids, Lebovitz cleverly offers Jellied Tangerine Juice in lieu of ordinary boxed gelatin. Lebovitz also uses dried fruits, his butterless date-nut torte the most unusual of his creations. Dedicated dessert cooks will be tempted to try every one of Lebovitz's inspired recipes. Mark Knoblauch
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    About the Author
    David Lebovitz was pastry cook at Chez Panisse for twelve years with a few brief forays into the outside world, including a stint as pastry chef at Bruce Cost's Monsoon, a critical favorite. He lives in San Francisco, California.

    Book Description

    David Lebovitz loves fruit. From the richness of a summer blackberry to the mellow sweetness of a juicy mango, fruit inspires and delights this celebrated pastry chef. In Ripe for Dessert, David shares his passion for fruit and his treasure trove of inspired, innovative, and luscious dessert recipes.

    These sweets celebrate fruit in all its diverse glory, as David's intensely flavorful and imaginative recipes show off the best of every season and reward every dessert lover's fancy. The seven chapters, with more than 130 recipes in all, are organized by category, with an eye to the seasons. They feature apples, pears, and quince from the fall harvest; citrus and dried fruits from winter; stone fruits and berries for the height of summer; figs and melon for its waning days; and David's signature tropical fruits desserts, which will surprise and delight your sweet tooth year round.

    Such light, elegant dishes as Pomegranate Granita and golden Honey-Poached Pears let the fruits' flavors shine, with minimal fuss or adornment. But David is no spartan. His recipes go all out, with rich cakes and creamy custards, pastries, frozen desserts, and soufflés, accented and enlivened by complex fruit flavors. A luxurious Lemon-Ginger Crème Brûlée puts a tart, fruity twist on a classic sweet, while a Candied Orange and Rosy Rhubarb Sauce raises a perfect, anise-scented Ricotta Cake to a new level of sophistication. For chocolate lovers, David presents pairings that will surprise and satisfy, including Anise-Orange Ice Cream Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce, Pear and Fig Chutney with Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse, and a Chocolate Soufflé Cake with Prunes, Cranberries, and Kumquats in Port. David even offers a fabulous, thirst-quenching Gingery Lemonade.

    With Ripe for Dessert's bounty of easy, user-friendly recipes, you can transform your favorite fruits of every season into dishes that will impress and delight all the dessert lovers in your life.

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