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    A Passion for Desserts

    Luchetti, Emily
    Wass, Minh (Photographer)

    Chronicle Books
    Published: October 2003
    ISBN: 0811831787

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    At first glance, this volume doesn't look all that approachable: the tiny print on its glossy page is easily obscured by stray swirls, and the cover photoan exact cube of ice cream and cake layers coated in a lost-looking dribble of caramel doesn't inspire confidence. But it would be a mistake to pass this cookbook by; Luchetti, pastry chef for Jeremiah Tower, has a contagious, far-ranging fascination with her subject. In this, her third book (after Stars Desserts and Four Star Desserts), she organizes desserts by season, a welcome departure from the usual cake-cookies-custard triumvirate. Spring recipes celebrate the year's first fruits (Strawberry Ginger Sodas; Rhubarb Orange Tart), while summer ones emphasize berries and stone fruit (Berry Creme Fraiche Cake) better still, at least half the summer recipes do not start with the dreaded "Preheat the oven to...." Autumn (Fig Galettes with Cinnamon Marsala Sabayon) goes beyond the usual apples and gourds, and winter is essentially a paean to chocolate truffles, trifles, fondues. Luchetti isn't afraid of less popular dessert forms like crepes and compotes, and readers may at times have to scamper through the book searching for sub-recipes, garnishes and sauces (e.g., Apple Splits: easy if you have caramel sauce, vanilla creme anglaise and cinnamon ice cream on hand). Still, even at their most complex, none violates Luchetti's rule: no more than three primary flavors in a dessert. Her sure hand with the sweet tooth makes this a sybaritic, inspiring addition to an often cluttered genre.
    Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    About the Author
    Emily Luchetti is the executive pastry chef at Farallon and spent seven years as pastry chef at Stars restaurant. She has authored two books, Stars Desserts and Four Star Desserts. She lives in the Bay Area. Paul Moore is a San Francisco based photographer whose work has been published worldwide. Minh + Wass (Ngoc Minh and Julian Wass) is a husband-and-wife photography team who specialize in food and lifestyle shots for books and magazines. After 10 years in New York, they recently relocated to... read more

    Book Description
    Beloved pastry chef and best-selling author Emily Luchetti lives by the simplest truth: There's always room for dessert. Why try to resist creamy chocolate cheesecake, fresh berries layered with honey cream, or homemade sorbet? Besides, with Emily's insider secrets, whipping up delicious treats for family and friends is fun! A longtime dessert lover, Luchetti shares an impressive - yet deceptively easy - array of recipes that regale the fruits and pure flavors of each season. From frequently used basics like melt-in-the-mouth tart shells, luxe crème fraîche, and chocolate sauce, to creative twists on old favorites such as Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwiches and Espresso Cupcakes, each of these pleasures will leave home cooks wanting to try the next. With just one bite of Lemon Raspberry Bread Pudding, one sip of a soothing Bourbon Milkshake, and one whiff of a Chocolate Mocha Truffle, anyone with a sweet tooth will understand why this book is an irresistible must-have.

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