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    Simply Sensational Desserts: 140 Classic for the Home Baker from New York's Famous Patisserie and Bistro

    Payard, Francois
    Moriarty, Tim (Contributor)
    Boyle, Tish
    Ducasse, Alain (Preface)

    Broadway Books
    Published: September 7, 1999
    ISBN: 0767903587

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    Book Description
    Payard Pâtisserie and Bistro has won the devotion of Manhattan's pickiest sweet tooths, who hardly know which of its treats to devour first: the extra-tart Lemon Tart, the Chocolate Mikado Cake, or the Frozen Coconut Soufflé, among other delights.

    Besieged with requests for the recipes, the store's award-winning owner and pastry chef, Françoise Payard, has responded wisely with a book geared to the home baker. Simply Sensational Desserts presents over 140 Payard classics transformed (where necessary) to make their preparation absolutely accessible. Everyday and advanced bakers alike will delight in Payard's easy yet uncompromised formulas, not to mention the results they yield.

    Beginning with chapters devoted to ingredients, fundamental techniques, and pastry basics like sweet tart dough and genoise--the building blocks of Payard's repertoire and never more simply conceived--the book also presents dessert soups, cookies and petits fours, chocolate cakes (don't miss the Chocolate Pudding Cake), tarts, soufflés, candies, ice creams, and granités. Special chapters devoted to weekend cakes like pain d'epices--portable treats designed for casual munching--and holiday cakes, cookies, and bites conclude the feast. And a feast it is: besides recipes for the four-star goodies mentioned above, Payard includes Rhubarb Lemongrass Soup, Pistachio-Almond Biscotti, Pecan Reine de Saba, Rustic Peach Tart, Chestnut Yule Log, and Soft Chocolate Caramels. Payard also offers his special take on Belgian waffles, tuiles (his pistachio-almond version is stellar), macaroons, pound and fruit cakes, charlottes, and that most perfect dessert (and dessert accompaniment), vanilla ice cream, among others. Color photos profile Payard's homey yet sophisticated desserts--all designed, as Payard tellingly notes, to be made. --Arthur Boehm

    From Publishers Weekly
    There is no doubt that Fran?ois Payard can conjure up complex French desserts: he does it every day at his eponymous p?tisserie and bistro in New York City. Here, however, he takes on a different challenge, and succeeds brilliantly, creating less complicated recipes that home cooks can easily follow. Some of the most interesting offerings are fruit soups such as Spiced Cherry Soup, Rhubarb-Lemongrass Soup and Fricassee of Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar. Payard is equally inventive with... read more

    Book Description
    He was named Pastry Chef of the Year by both the James Beard Foundation and Bon Appétit. Payard Pâtisserie and Bistro in New York has been hailed as a "culinary Shangri-la" by New York magazine. His dazzling cookies, cakes, and tarts, with their intricate detail and explosion of flavor, are coveted coast-to-coast. And now, François Payard shares his breathtaking desserts with home cooks.

    Yes, his innovative recipes are remarkably simple. Here's what America's leading chefs are saying about François Payard and this stunning collection of spectacular desserts:

    "François Payard is the best pastry chef that France ever exported to tantalize the American palate. From the useful chapters on technique, equipment, and basics, down to the many innovative and contemporary creations with clearly written recipes, this book is a must for the passionate baker. Simply Sensational Desserts will make François's mouth-watering desserts the hit of your next dinner party."
    --Daniel Boulud, chef/owner of Daniel and Café Boulud

    "It was a great day for New York when François Payard brought his whisks and wizardry to town. Now, all of America can rejoice in his creations. With this wide-ranging collection, François shares his extraordinary talent and surprises us with his knack for simplifying even the most sophisticated sweets. There isn't a single recipe for one of his astonishing desserts that can't be made--perfectly--by anyone with an oven, a mixer, and a sweet tooth. Simply Sensational Desserts is simply swell.
    --Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking with Julia and Desserts by Pierre Hermé

    "I have always been inspired by the b

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