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    Cooking Books -> Dips

    Sauces and Dips: For Dazzling, Drizzling, and Dunking

    Rebbe, J.
    Mewes, Kai (Photographer)
    Doepp, Elisabeth
    Reppe, Joern
    Willrich, Christian
    Silverback Books
    Published: October 2003
    ISBN: 1930603622

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    Book Description
    About the Author
    Elisabeth Doepp has been a reader for a number of large publishing houses and is specialized in nutrition and vegetarian food.

    Christian Willrich is a well-known chef for several gourment restaurants and emphasizes organic food.

    Joern Rebbe was trained in a Japanese hotel and is a specialist in Japanese and Chinese cooking.

    Book Description
    Sauces — spicy, delicate, hearty or sweet — instantly transform meals and give distinction to the simplest foods. With this invaluable book, you'll learn to make sauces and demi-glaces that rival expensive gourmet chef versions; how to instantly turn store-bought sauces into homestyle ones; troubleshooting cures for every sauce disaster; and the perfect sauce for any culinary whim.

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