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    I Want to Grill, Now What?!: Grilling Secrets/Easy Marinades/Meals in Minutes

    Richards, Pamela
    Chintz, Barb (Introduction)

    Friedman/Fairfax Publishing
    Published: May 1902
    ISBN: 0760729131

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    In I've Got a Grill, Now What?! Pamela Richards ushers the beginning barbecuer through the basic steps of choosing a grill (charcoal or gas), using it properly, and learning to prepare increasingly more sophisticated food on it. She takes the most basic subject of grilling, the hamburger, and explains in elementary terms how to prepare the meat and how to grill it to achieve the desired results. She then introduces in sequence variations on the burger: cheeseburger, stuffed burger, lamb burger, turkey burger, and, finally, an elegant crab burger. This book is the latest installment of a popular series of how-to books, so there will be plenty of patron demand. Mark Knoblauch
    Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

    Book Description
    Fire up the grill--because you're about to find out how to make the best barbecue ever! From the perfect burger to lip-smacking, down-home chicken to a feast of vegetables, invite friends and family into the backyard for unforgettable grilled meals. It doesn't matter if you're a beginning cook: every one of these tasty recipes uses a limited number of ingredients to keep things nice and simple. Even the layout's so easy to use, because everything needed for a dish appears right on the same spread; no turning to a separate section to locate that tangy honey mustard or teriyaki sauce. Try "things on a stick," like rosemary lamb kabobs or skewered beef tenderloin. Grill marinated Portobello mushrooms, or that old favorite--corn on the cob. Just imagine how a tuna steak with cantaloupe salsa will melt in your mouth. Plus a world of grilling know-how, from the different types (gas, kettle), basic utensils, fun accessories, and lots more.

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