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    Cooking Books -> Poultry

    Artful Chicken, The

    Arnaud Linda

    Stewart, Tabori & Chang
    Published: April 2001
    ISBN: 1584790229

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    Book Description
    From the Publisher
    -A barnyard of delights for collectors of folk art, kitchenware, and cookbooks - plus an irresistible selection of chicken recipes
    -Sidebars give entertaining information about the collectible
    -85 tasty chicken recipes written in an engagingly personal yet authoritative voice
    -Each recipe is accompanied by a suggested wine or beverage; some are paired with special side-dish recipes
    -More than 100 color photographs feature chickens on dinnerware, kitchenware, linens and fabrics, and as objets d'art -A selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club

    About the Author
    LINDA ARNAUD'S reputation as an outstanding home cook was put to the test when her husband bought a London pub and she went public. She supervised the kitchen's output and prepared the food for many special events. After twenty-five years as a fashion-industry marketing analyst, she is now a consultant to a food-product development company. This is her first cookbook.

    Book Description
    "Poultry is for the cook what canvas is for the painter. It is served to us boiled, roasted, fried, hot or cold, whole or in pieces, with or without sauce, boned, skinned, stuffed, and always with equal success."

    So said Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, nineteenth-century French gastronome, and his words could not be more true today. Chicken inspires not just culinary, but visual, artists. A chicken, it seems, can be depicted as many ways as it can be cooked.

    The Artful Chicken, a charmingly unique cookbook, combines heartiness with artiness in 85 all-time favorite recipes illustrated by hundreds of chicken collectibles. Author Linda Arnaud groups the dishes according to method of preparation: Roast & Bake; Grill & Broil; Sauté & Fry; and Stew, Braise & Poach. And although she claims ignorance when it comes to the old "Which came first?" conundrum, Arnaud also devotes a chapter to the delicate craft of egg-cooking.

    But Arnaud is not content to put a chicken in every pot. She wants a chicken on every pot - and every tablecloth, salt and pepper shaker, and soup tureen. The cookbook is filled with photos of chicken collectibles. Antique and contemporary, fine and folk art, made from porcelain, pottery, or papier-mâché, it's sure to make a chicken lover crow with pleasure.

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