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    Cooking Books -> Poultry

    A Chicken in Every Pot: Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird

    Heyhoe, Kate

    Capital Books Inc
    Published: November 2003
    ISBN: 1931868328

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    Book Description
    About the Author
    Known as "the Global Gourmet," Executive Editor Kate Heyhoe set high standards for food Web sites in 1994 by launching the very first food and cooking magazine online. The award-winning electronic Gourmet Guide (eGG) was voted the Number 1 food Web site by USA Today, and was consistently ranked among the top sites by television's Food Network (TVFN), New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others. The eGG has since evolved into the even more popular Global Gourmet® Web site, where Kate continues as Executive Editor with her partner and publisher Thomas Way. Their company also produces two food sites on America Online. Traveling frequently as an industry consultant and lecturer, she is recognized within the cooking community as a culinary pioneer and by her readers as a warm, personable kitchen coach--their Global Gourmet who "brings you the world on a plate." ) She is the author of Cooking with Kids for Dummies (IDG/Hungry Minds, 1999), and lives in Cherry Valley, California.

    Book Description
    Chicken is more than nourishment: it's a comforting, homey and familiar food. Americans have always loved chicken, and with the current economic and emotional trends, American have more reasons to enjoy the thrifty but versatile chicken than ever before. The 150 recipes in this book take chicken around the world, with recipes that are simple to make yet exotic in flavor. Targeted at today's busy but flavor-hungry consumer, this book also shows the current generation how to save money by cutting up a whole chicken and by deboning their own chicken breasts. The unique sidebars known as 'FlavorPrints: Blueprints for World Cuisines,' act as guides for developing impromptu dishes with international passports.

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