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    Cooking Books -> Soups

    Saved By Soup : More Than 100 Delicious Low-Fat Soups To Eat And Enjoy Every Day

    Barrett, Judith

    William Morrow
    Published: January 1999
    ISBN: 0688153003

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    Book Description
    Soup seems to revive the spirit even as it contents the stomach. In Judith Barrett's case, it also helped her lose 10 pounds. These low-fat and reasonably low-calorie soups, she claims, provided filling comfort as she cut back on calories and on the overall quantity she ate, helping her lose weight and keep it off.

    The 100-plus recipes in Saved by Soup contain, at maximum, three grams of fat per three-quarter-cup portion. (Most of us eat more than that, and in restaurants a serving is at least a full cup.)

    Barrett explains how to de-fat homemade stocks and store-bought broth. Her recipes start with a light, clear consommé graced with angel hair pasta and fine strips of fresh spinach, then progress to hefty Pasta e Fagioli, a section on chowders, chicken soups both thick and thin--including one with fluffy matzoh balls--and verdant spring soups like Creamy Watercress. There are rustic Italian minestre and chilled soups for summer. Perhaps best of all are chili-spiked Racy Red Lentil and clever, chunky Summer Fruit "Minestrone," a melange of fruit cut up in mint-perfumed orange juice.

    The nutritional analysis provided for each recipe proves Barrett's point--that soups can be both lean and flavorful. Glorious color photos show that they can also be eye filling. --Dana Jacobi

    From Publishers Weekly
    There isn't a single soup in Barrett's collection that doesn't sound delectable?and this is quite impressive considering none of her recipes contains more than three grams of fat. Looking for a way to lighten up family meals, Barrett (coauthor of Risotto) discovered that soup was not only fun to make but, with a few tricks, could be conveniently dietetic. Her homemade, de-fatted stocks?chicken, fish and roasted vegetable?provide the backbone for everything from Vidalia Onion Soup to Pasta e... read more

    Book Description
    There is no better way to tap into today's soup craze than with this glorious cookbook, filled with more than 100 deliciously low-fat soup recipes. Author Judith Barrett lost pounds and inches using these mouthwatering recipes, each of which contains less than three grams of fat per serving. And cutting the fat posed no bar to creating soups with incredible flavor -- Black Mushroom and Spinach Wonton Soup and Creamy Fennel Soup with Shrimp both contain only one gram of fat.

    Barrett offers soups to be savored for every season. In the fall, Creamy Carrot Soup or Roasted Beet Borscht will delight you. Winter Squash Soup with Thyme or Real Gumbo with Okra and Chicken is sure to take the edge off the cold during the snowy months. Come springtime, there is Vidalia Onion Soup or Arugula Vichyssoise, and to beat the summertime heat, make a batch of Cool Cucumber and Yogurt Soup or Creamy Tomato Bisque with Shallots and Tarragon. You have a veritable calendar full of soup's pleasures at your fingertips. Soups "from the sea," like Mediterranean Fish Stew and New York Red Clam Chowder, will leave a briny tingle on your palate. If it's legumes you crave, try one of the unbeatable bean soups: Lentil and Portobello Mushroom Soup, Miami Black Bean Soup, Lemony Chickpea and Escarole Soup. Or experiment with the variety of international soup recipes that are offered, from Japanese Dashi with Soba and Scallions to Chinese Cabbage Soup with Cellophane Noodles to Italian Minestra of Swiss Chard and Rice.

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