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    365 Vegetarian Soups

    Gillespie, Gregg R.

    Published: October 2002
    ISBN: 0806993987

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    No other dish lends itself so well to a satisfying vegetarian diet as does soup. Starting with a rich vegetable stock or even plain water, the cook can add all manner of vegetables and seasonings to produce a distinctive and infinitely variable bowl of refreshment. Gregg Gillespie's 365 Vegetarian Soups illustrates that point perfectly, his recipes generating a soup a day for a year without ever suffering repetition. Gillespie begins with fundamentals: vegetable-based stocks that can then be fortified with a nearly unending variety of ingredients. He even has a section on stocks made with but a single vegetable. Gillespie's soups cover a wide range, and he does allow for use of dairy products in some of them. There are cream soups, fruit soups, and soups especially designed to cook slowly in a crockpot. He offers a few dessert soups for those looking for something more complex for dessert than the usual sweets. Aspiring vegetarians will find this a good introduction to a meat-free regimen. Mark Knoblauch
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    Book Description
    Hearty, nutritious, refreshing and delicious, soup has always been the original comfort food. From light consommés to creamy chowders, tangy curries to chilled fruit concoctions, you'll find the perfect dish to fit any occasion. Tasty meals-in-a-pot abound from recipes inspired by regions as far flung as Japan, Italy, Russia, and New Zealand and as close to home as New York, New England and the Southwest. Chase the cold away with Hot & Sour Tofu Soup, Acorn Squash and Apple, and Roquefort Soup with Cauliflower. Celebrate summer with an infinite variety of fresh fruit and vegetable delights: Chilled Curried Peach Soup, Cantaloupe Cooler, Gazpacho, and much more. For dessert, try Chocolate Mint Soup, Cherry Wine, or Chestnut and Amaretto. With tips on making vegetable stocks, hints on blending complimentary flavors, and suggestions on ways to substitute ingredients that may be hard to find, this is a practical and inspiring resource.

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