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    The Little Gumbo Book

    McKee , Gwen

    Quail Ridge Pr
    Published: June 1987
    ISBN: 0937552178

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    Book Description
    Here are 27 carefully created recipes that will enable everyone to enjoy the special experience of gumbo. Recipes, roux, rice, stock, seasoning, it's all in this charming little book--with step-by-step directions. If you can read and stir, this warm, wonderful Cajun culinary experience is right at your fingertips!

    About the Author
    Gwen McKee was born, raised, and educated (LSU) in Baton Rouge, and was exposed at an early age to the wonderful cuisine of South Louisiana. As director of her own publishing company, Gwen personally edits all cookbooks published by Quail Ridge Press. She enjoys testing and refining the recipes as well as traveling to promote and market the books. Her acute interest in Louisiana cooking led to the development of this book devoted entirely to one of her favorite dishes...gumbo

    Book Description
    Here are twenty-seven carefully created recipes plus explanations, definitions, and directions that will enable everyone to enjoy the special experience of gumbo. This dandy of a book is entirely dedicated to the process of preparing great gumbo. In addition to the wonderful collection of recipes, the book provides guidance in preparing all the characteristic elements that make up this unique Cajun dish. For instance, there are six recipes for preparing roux—the browning of flour, so important to the richness of gumbo. The book contains a step-by-step gumbo recipe which provides detailed instructions that will enable anyone to create a great pot of gumbo! There are also suggestions for how to prepare rice, and a special Cajun seasoning recipe for adding just the right Creole touch.

    The Little Gumbo Book utilizes convenient microwaves, time-freeing crock pots, and dependable iron pots for preparing such delectable recipes as "Catfish Gumbo," low-calorie "Lean and Mean Chicken Gumbo," as well as "Crowd Pleasing Gumbo" for impressing a party of fifty people! It's all here. The mystery of gumbo preparation is revealed and explained in this one little book. Voila!

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