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    Soups (101 Essential Tips)

    Willan, Anne
    Dorling Kindersley Publishing
    Bown, Deni

    DK Publishing
    Published: November 1997
    ISBN: 0789419807

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    Book Description
    This pint-size book is out to prove that it is possible to whisk up scrumptious soups in just a few easy steps. Part of the 101 Essential Tips series, Soups describes the basic ingredients, equipment, and methods needed to make delicious-tasting broths, creamy winter warmers, and chilled summer soups for every occasion. Photographs of busy hands earnestly chopping vegetables and stirring liquids guide you along the way, and demonstrate what your soup should really be looking like! This book is perfect for cooks new to the soup pot. --Naomi Gesinger

    Like an introductory college course, the 101 Essential Tips series lays out all the essential concepts of a topic in direct, to-the-point advice and explanations. Every point is easy to master quickly. More than 250 full-color photos and illustrations illuminate the tips.

    Book Description
    Know-how in a nutshell.

    The step-by-step series that brings expert advice at an affordable price. Soups breaks down creating delicious soups into 101 easy-to-grasp tips. Each point can be absorbed in an instant, and Soups gives quick answers to all questions.

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