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    Pacific Grilling: Recipes for the Fire from Baja to the Pacific Northwest

    Kelly, Denis

    Sasquatch Books
    Published: April 1, 2000
    ISBN: 1570611750

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    Book Description
    Forget the stove and oven. Once you get hold of Pacific Grilling, you'll never want to broil or fry again. Once upon a time grilling meant Dad slapping burgers and steaks down on the Weber on a warm Saturday night. While a good burger can be heavenly, Denis Kelly explores a range of grill cookery, from Grilled Seafood Quesadillas to Penne with Grill-Roasted Vegetables to Carne Asada with Pear Ginger Crisp for dessert. A Los Angeles native, Kelly (The Complete Meat Cookbook) has gathered 140 recipes, many of which reflect the Asian and Latino influences on West Coast dining. Try Grilled Prawns with Thai Cilantro Sauce, Grilled Pork Chuletas in Lime Tequila Marinade, or a Korean Kalbi Barbecue with a side of Miso-Marinaded Eggplant. A great advocate of spice rubs and marinades, Kelly includes a chapter on the best seasoning for seafood, poultry, beef, lamb, and pork. Quick to assemble, these versatile rubs pop up throughout the cookbook. Kelly also includes information on the hows and whys of grilling for those who are just getting started.

    Along side mouth-watering recipes are essays about San Francisco's Chinatown, the World's Most Expensive Chicken, and an old friend's grilling tips, among others. He recalls road trips to Baja as a youth where he would "point to what [he] wanted and the asadero would shell it or cut off a steak or fillet, sprinkle it with lemon, chile, and salt." A lover and chronicler of the grilling culture, Kelly will win you over with his warm, nostalgia-tinged prose and succulent, easy-to-follow recipes. --Dana Van Nest

    Product Description:
    Denis Kelly celebrates the unique grilling traditions of the West from cowboy campfires to California beach fire, and including Mexican, Asian and Italian grilling recipes. Grilling is different in the West according to cookbook author and food authority Denis Kelly. With these 125 recipes for the grill from Alaska to Baja, and all points in between, he charts the multicultural grilling scene that includes Mexican/Latino marinades and salsas; Pacific Northwest alder smoked salmon; and Southern California spiny lobster on the coals of a beach fire. Kelly brings a cupboard full of spice rubs, flavor brines, and other tantalizing preparations to the grilling of seafood, poultry, meats, and vegetables.

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