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    Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor : Real Barbecue--The Tastier Alternative to Grilling

    Langer, Richard

    Little, Brown
    Published: May, 2001
    ISBN: 0316513377

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    Langer, who has authored three bread machine cookbooks (which will be combined in Little, Brown's August hardcover, The Complete Bread Machine Bakery Book) steps outdoors to the backyard smoker, latest darling of patient alfresco chefs. He finds much to extol: the ease of the slow BBQ process (requiring up to 10 hours or more for beef brisket); the succulence attained by cooking above a pan of water in smoky indirect heat; and the depth of flavor derived from marinades, dry rubs, basting?and, most of all, smoke. Before launching into his 120 recipes, Langer analyzes smokers (including the venerable Brinkmann), explains how to adapt Weber and gas grills and identifies tastes imparted by various woods. The heart of American barbecuing is ribs, says Langer, offering a dozen recipes including Gilroy's Garlic-Galore Ribs (calling for two heads of garlic) and Kimchi Ribs marinated in juice from Korean preserved cabbage. Bold barbecuers will encounter seductively unusual fare: Portabella-Stuffed Steak, Buffalo Roast, Linguica-Stuffed Chicken Thighs, Skewered Octopus and Smoked Broccoli Parmigiana. Ten sauces round out a book that may convince nonsmokers to light up.
    Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to the

    Paperback edition.

    Product Description:
    Anyone who uses an outdoor grill the way most of us do - to cook food quickly, at high heat - is failing to realize the flavorful advantages of smoke cooking. As Richard Langer puts it, Low heat, a long time, and lots of smoke - those are the keys to a good barbecue.

    This comprehensive guide to smoke cooking gets down to basics with a dozen lip-smacking recipes for barbecued ribs alone, from the classic Shake 'n' Smoke Ribs to Hoisin Ribs and Baby Back Ribs with Citrus. Here, too, are traditional as well as imaginative approaches to barbecuing all kinds of

    * meat, from beef (Garlicked Skirt Steak, Smokeburgers) to pork (Chili Chops, Pork Pecan Roll with Maple Sauce, Hurry-Q Honey Ham) to lamb, venison, and buffalo (Smoked Rack of Lamb with Dill Sauce, Venison Steak with Juniper Berries);
    * poultry (Jamaican Jerked Chicken Breasts, Turkey Thighs with Fresh Mozzarella);
    * seafood (Cajun Tuna Steak, Swordfish Vietnamese, Smoked Gravlax);
    * roti and kabobs (Combination Gyros, Skewered Scallops, Vegebobs); and
    * vegetables (Garlic Bombs, Ember Onions, Corn in the Husk).

    With instructions for converting any backyard grill (gas, electric, Weber, what-have-you) into a smoker, and with tips for enhancing flavor by choosing different varieties of wood, this is an essential guide to real barbecue for anyone who cooks outdoors.

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