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    Wild and Wonderful Blueberries

    Webber, Helen
    Woolsey, Marie
    Hutchinson, Ross
    Embury, Margo

    Centax Books and Distribution
    Published: April 4, 1998
    ISBN: 189402205X

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    Book Description
    From the Author
    Blueberries are native to North America, growing throughout much of Canada as well as the northern areas of the United States. There are many species of blueberries and to confuse things further they have many common names, including Bilberry, Deerberry, Whortleberry and Hurt Berry to name a few. Around the hunting lodge at Dymond Lake, where Helen and I do most of our picking, we find the greatest concentration of blueberries around the peat bogs. They are very low to the ground and we must do our picking on our knees. We find berry picking to be very relaxing - except when a Polar Bear moves into our patch. When that happens, we tend to be very accommodating and let him have it. Dymond Lake is located right near the shore of Hudson Bay, just 15 miles west of Churchill, Manitoba. Churchill is known as "The Polar Bear Capitol of the World", and Dymond Lake is right on the route that many of the bears take when heading either north from or south to Churchill. That fact, coupled with the attraction of the "gut pile" where all the geese cleanings are dumped, makes for some interesting "bear encounters".

    Wild cranberries have long been used by our North American First Nations, who introduced us to them as early as 1620. In 1874 they were one of the major exports to England from the New World. Packed in barrels, they were a hardy enough fruit to survive the voyage and still be useable. Cranberries dry well, they also retain their shape and color when frozen, and can be kept in the freezer for over a year. We harvest most of our cranberries in the area of Dymond Lake, on the tundra, just north of the tree line. They are usually ripe for picking during the last week or two of our goose hunting season. Unfortunately, weather at that time can be a friend or a foe, so when it is an ally we try to pick enough to last for 2 seasons. In 1997, we scored a zero! We may be fanatics, but we don't pick in the pouring rain, during 60 mph winds, or when our hands would freeze to the plants!

    Wild meat is becoming more and more popular across North America, probably because it is guaranteed lean and free from hormones Besides being a healthy alternative, it's delicious! Our purpose in writing this book is in response to those many people who have wild game in their freezers and don't know what to do with it, as well as for those who are tired of the same old recipes and want to try something new. Most of these recipes have been used, many annually, at North Knife Lake Fishing Lodge and Dymond Lake Hunting Lodge, both owned ans operated by Doug and Helen Webber. Other recipes have been given by family, friends and well-wishers who want to share what they have enjoyed and we are happy to co-operate. We haven't included many recipes that call for ground meat, because our ground meat ends up in Spaghetti Sauce, Lasagne, Meat Loaf or soup and we use the same recipes that we would for ground beef. (See Blueberries and Polar Bears for the actual recipes that we use.)

    In all three of these little books we are happy to share with you our 30 years of experience as camp cooks - so we hope you will taste and enjoy!

    Product Description:
    This Wild and Wonderful series was inspired by two wildly successful cookbooks featuring northern berries, goose, game and fish. Blueberries and Polar Bears and Cranberries and Canada Geese are comprehensive collections of recipes from two northern hunting and fishing lodges. Outrageously good recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, appetizers, main courses and desserts complement the imaginative wild game and fish recipes. The Wild and Wonderful books provide the best possible range of Cranberry, Blueberry and Goose and Game recipes in small affordable books designed for easy preparation, using good basic ingredients. Ideal for gift giving or your personal pleasure, Goose and Game recipes include appetizers, roasts, stews, sausages and more. Blueberry and Cranberry recipes include muffins, loaves, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, pies, jellies, vinegars and even making your own dried berries.

    51/4" x 81/4"; sad

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