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    Northern Italy: A Taste of Trattoria

    Baglivi, Christina

    Mustang Publishing Company
    Published: April 1, 1995
    ISBN: 0914457721

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    Book Description
    From Library Journal
    If you are looking for a real "taste of Italy" as well as a means of saving money, Baglivi's book will guide you to the trattoria (restaurants) where the natives eat. For each of the 12 regions, from Latium to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, are listed the name of the establishment, phone numbers, hours of operation, cost of a sample meal, and wheelchair accessibility. A brief sketch of the interior gives a feel for local color, while the menu choices of the author and her husband detail food specialties of the area. A bonus is a brief lesson in Italian dining phrases and pronunciations. Baglivi, who has won the Da Vinci Award for excellence in Italian language and culture, has produced a valuable guidebook that allows the tourist to sample dishes not ordinarily found on the tourist circuit. Recommended for public libraries.?Lucille Corbo, MLS, Scranton, Pa.
    Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Product Description:
    Itand#213;s a secret that Italian natives and experienced travelers have long known: For the best meals in Italy, skip the fancy, high-priced restaurants and head straight for and#210;trattorie,and#211; the small, unassuming, mom-and-pop cafes that feature delicious, inexpensive regional fare.

    In the revised edition of this long-time favorite, Christina Baglivi describes dozens of trattorie in the 12 regions of northern Italy. In Rome, two blocks from the Colosseum, try Trattoria Pasqualino, where a three-course meal for two costs just $25. In the Cinque Terre, discover the great local wine and#210;sciacchetra.and#211; And donand#213;t miss the barn/restaurant La Sosta in Tuscany!

    If you want to find Italyand#213;s most delicious and least expensive meals, this book is a must.

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