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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking Italian

    Italian Cooking for Dummies

    Casella, Cesare
    Bishop, Jack

    For Dummies
    Published: September 2, 1998
    ISBN: 0764550985

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    Book Description
    Cesare Casella, Italian chef extraordinaire, is out to prove that this food can be both simple to prepare and surprisingly healthy. Italian mothers and grandmothers wouldn't have it any other way! In Casella's previous culinary creation, Diary of a Tuscan Chef, we joined the author on a food pilgrimage to Tuscany. Now, in Italian Cooking for Dummies, the trek explores every region and its associated dishes. Casella and coauthor Jack Bishop embrace us as close friends with whom they have eaten pasta for years. One step at a time, the authors lovingly explain how to make Italian food at home, discussing ingredients and techniques. Scattered within each of the eight chapters are recipes for 29 pasta dishes, 7 risottos, 22 heavenly desserts--in fact, 150 delicious dishes altogether. In traditional For Dummies style, life is made easier by icons alerting you to timesaving tips or potentially disastrous situations--like leaving risotto unattended, which can lead to a big sticky vat of goo!

    There is something here for every taste: meats, fish, pizzas, and vegetarian dishes, as well as desserts and salads. Pasta Wheels with Walnut Sauce makes a nutty alternative to pasta dishes made with tomato-based sauces. The Spinach Gnocchi are surprisingly simple to create and will be gobbled down in no time. Calzone with Mixed Vegetables is a healthy alternative to pepperoni pizza. Desserts are very well represented--here is traditional Creme Caramel, and a delightful Pink Grapefruit Granita.

    So enjoy life and eat like the Italians do; Italian Cooking for Dummies shows you how. --Naomi Gesinger

    Product Description:
    Everybody loves Italian food, and with good reason. The cuisine extols hearty and healthy meals with the freshest ingredients, a diversity of flavors, and tried-and-true recipes (some of which date as far back as the Roman Empire) that are naturally low in saturated fats and calories. All this, and it tastes great, too!

    Discover the mouthwatering joys of Italian cooking with this complete guide to the regions and recipes of Italy. Celebrated chef Cesare Casella and seasoned food writer Jack Bishop lead you step-by-step through an entire full-course Italian meal, from antipasti, salads, and soups to pastas, entrees, and delicious desserts. Discover how to make your own fresh pasta, polenta, and pizza, and how to plan simple or elaborate dinners for every occasion. You'll find all the recipes and tips you need in Italian Cooking For Dummies, along with tons of advice on selecting the right herbs, ingredients, cooking tools, and utensils, and finding more information in print or online. The book also features a complete glossary of cooking terms and ingredients to help you enjoy la dolce vita.

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    Cooking Italian cuisine
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