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    Betty Crocker's Italian Cooking

    Cecconi, Antonio
    Crocker, Betty Betty Crocker's New Italian Cooking

    Betty Crocker
    Published: June 19, 2000
    ISBN: 0764560786

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    Book Description
    This is not your mother's Betty Crocker. Put aside the ham and canned tomato sauce and get out the prosciutto and fresh plum tomatoes. From zuppa to dolce, this cookbook is filled with enticing, aromatic recipes compliments of chef Antonio Cecconi. You can almost smell the sharp Parmesan grated generously over Spinach Gnocchi with Nutmeg and the tang of fresh basil in Roasted Garlic and Onion Soup.

    Featuring recipes from Italy's 20 regions, Betty Crocker's Italian Cooking is a primo introduction to the varying tastes of Italy that's straightforward and easy to read. Recipes are referred to in English and shadowed by their Italian counterparts (what sounds more intriguing: Linguine with Spicy Chicken Sauce or Linguine con Pollo al Pepe?). Each page clearly lists the ingredients, the steps, prep and cook time, serving size, and nutrition guidelines. As a bonus, Cecconi proffers historical context for every recipe. He also suggests substitutions in case you're just not up to creating a homemade tomato sauce or roasting your own red peppers. Make sure to stock your pantry with Cecconi's list of Italian cooking essentials (extra-virgin olive oil, anchovy paste, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and chicken broth) before attempting these recipes, then give Ravioli alla Bolognese a whirl. Try the Grilled Beef Short Ribs with Savory Lemon Sauce and a side of Potatoes with Artichoke Hearts and Olives, or maybe Pizza with Spinach, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese. Follow it up with homemade tiramisu and piping hot espresso, or even a grappa to "aid the digestion and end the meal on a relaxing note." If you need help with meal planning, there are menus and suggested wine accompaniments in the back. --Dana Van Nest

    Product Description:
    From pizza to pasta to the classic cannoli, Americans have an enduring love affair with la cucina Italiana -- renowned for everything from its great taste to its beautiful presentations.

    Betty Crocker's Italian Cooking has been completely revised and updated, with recipes by Italian native Antonio Cecconi, who provides tantalizing and authentic Italian recipes to delight the palate. With chapters ranging from appetizers to desserts, it is easy to find the ideal, authentic creation for any occasion. But there's more to this book than just recipes -- special features enable you to expand your understanding of Italian cuisine:

      An introduction discusses the cuisines of Italy and how the history of the areas influences the food there.
      Complete glossaries of Italian cheeses, pastas, vinegars, herbs, and olives and olive oils can help you choose the right ingredients.
      Both "first course" and "main dish" servings are included for adapting the dishes to different placement within the meal.
      A menu section provides delicious ideas for creating complete Italian meals, from appetizers and main course to desserts.
      Match Italian wines to the menus you plan.

      With 80 full-color photographs and 200 tantalizing recipes, Betty Crocker's Italian Cooking opens the door to the food and culture of Italy."

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