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    Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen

    Stellino, Nick
    Armstrong, E. J.

    Putnam Publishing Group
    Published: October 1, 1999
    ISBN: 0399145338

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    Book Description
    Can it be that there are no bad cooks in Italy and Sicily? Or maybe there are only a few really good cooks, while the rest aren't so much mediocre as simply ordinary. But it's the children of the really good cooks who end up on TV cooking shows and in magazines and writing cookbooks, much like Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen, that skew what's real.

    Nick Stellino has made a living in print and on TV selling the Italian family table, and this book is very much in that same vein--a little more personal, if nothing else. In often overly sentimental vignettes, Stellino shares with the reader the soul of his own family, the generations of aunts and uncles and grandparents, all of them seemingly either living in or very close to the kitchen. From this experience the reader can glean some helpful tips on how to prepare foods to cook in the Italian kitchen, how to plan meals, how to enjoy good food, and, of course, how to enjoy life: follow your dreams, follow your heart, money comes and goes but family is there forever. Stuff like that.

    Stellino prides himself on presenting Italian dishes in simple, quickly assembled recipes, and that's what Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen is all about. The text is divided into chapters that include appetizers, soup, salad, and side dishes; pasta, entrees, desserts, basics; and menus. You'll find Braised Artichokes, Mussel Soup with Curry, Spinach Cannelloni, Chicken Scaloppine with Mushroom Sauce, Swordfish Scaloppine "Pizza Style," and Ricotta Cake with Coffee and Chocolate. --Schuyler Ingle

    Product Description:
    Join public television's popular chef/host in celebrating life, food, family, and friends with an all-new collection of recipes and stories.

    Since 1995, when he first appeared on public television's Cucina Amore(tm), Nick Stellino has been captivating audiences and home cooks with his easy and elegant recipes, his enthusiasm for good food, and his passion for living.

    Inspired by the traditions of his native Sicily, and incorporating a wealth of culinary experience, Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen leads readers to discover the joy of preparing food as an act of love, not just a chore. With his simple yet innovative recipes, Stellino shows how to make every meal--from the most casual family gathering to a romantic candle-lit interlude --a celebration.

    With more than one hundred original recipes, preparation and presentation tips, evocative and entertaining stories, and beautiful full-color and black-and-white photographs, Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen is the eagerly awaited next volume from one of the country's most popular food personalities.

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