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    Red, White and Greens: The Italian Way With Vegetables

    Willinger, Faith

    HarperCollins Publishers
    Published: September 1, 1996
    ISBN: 0060183667

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    Book Description
    For those who immediately associate Italian cooking with meatballs and red sauce, Faith Willinger has a treat. She has composed a cookbook of everyday, family Italian recipes that rely on vegetables and tradition. Each chapter features a specific vegetable, offering recipes and entertaining explanations on the traditional purpose of specific dishes. Try Carmignano fennel seed-spiced dried figs or Torquato's Rice and Cabbage Soup--her concoctions are creative yet simple to make.

    Product Description:
    Faith Willinger, a contributing editor to Gourmet magazine who was called "the ultimate source for information on Italian food"by the New York Times , here offers 150 simple, elegant, and diverse vegetable dishes that reflect the creativity and flavor of her adopted country.

    Italians do the most exciting things with vegetables. The same ingenious creativity that resulted in some of the world's greatest art, architecture, design, literature, fashion, and music is also applied to vegetables. " With this in mind, Faith Willinger, who has lived in Italy for more than 20 years, brings the honest and delicious vegetable recipes she has discovered there back to America. The dishes come from friends and family all over the Italian peninsula, from the Dolomites to the tip of Reggio Calabria, and showcase a wide range of ingredients, styles, and techniques. Each recipe highlights the Italian ability to create exquisite dishes out of the simplest, freshest foods.

    The 150 sensible, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes include Garlic Bread Soup, Raddichio Lasagne, Garlic-Parsley Braised Artichokes, and Asparagus Carpaccio. Willinger offers variations on the recipes--such as adding a piece of meat or fish to some dishes--as well as backgrounds and fascinating history and lore. Red, White, and Greens offers advice from a well-respected expert on how to make abundant, inexpensive, and healthy vegetables taste their best.

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