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    Eating in Italy: A Traveler's Guide to the Hidden Gastronomic Pleasures of Northern Italy

    Willinger, Faith H.

    Morrow Cookbooks
    Published: March 4, 1998
    ISBN: 0688146147

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    Book Description
    Grab this book and your forchetta (fork) and head to Italy for a tantalizing tour of tastes. Faith Heller Willinger is an American living in Italy who has devoted her taste buds to sampling and reporting on the best Italian kitchens have to offer. If you think Italian food equals pizza and spaghetti, the variety of offerings found in the 11 northern regions explored in this book will astound you. Each regional section begins with helpful explanations of Italian dishes from local menus. Next, the wine and food specialties are temptingly presented with interesting tidbits about production methods and historical origins. For example, grissini, yard-long breadsticks of the Piemonte region, were first made in 1668, when "the Savoia court doctor, Don Baldo Pecchio, had the court baker whip up some crunchy, thin and easily digestible breadsticks for the sickly Prince Vittorio Amadeo II, who suffered from 'intestinal fevers.'" Each section is finished off with a listing of restaurants and inns, organized by city. If you aren't sated yet, Eating in Italy also provides gelato flavors, a key to Italian opening and closing hours, types of pasta, wine terminology, and a food glossary.

    Product Description:
    Faith Heller Willinger has the unique advantage of being an American with an insider's knowledge of the culinary mysteries of Italy and a profound love for all of them. Drawn from her extensive knowledge and expertise Eating in Italy is a gastronomic tour of the regions that comprise the northern half of the country. The finest restaurants in Florence, the best chocolate anywhere, the chic kitchenware shops in Milan, outdoor markets in towns not on any tourist's map, elegant and affordable hotels in Venice, picnic spots in the countryside -- there's information for every traveler, armchair or otherwise, who wants to experience the authentic flavor of northern Italy. Here is the Italian table for the adventurous and sophisticated, including every food-related situation, ritual, and tradition, from weather to waiters, climate to Chianti.

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