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Small Library Tour : 5. Print labels

Print Label Wizard lets you print selected fields on any label. There are already templates for all American and European Avery label formats. Print Label Wizard supports the most popular bar code types used by libraries. Print Label Wizard allows you to define and print the following specialized library labels: book spine labels, vhs spine labels, dvd spine labels, cdrom spine labels, item identification labels, book barcode labels, item barcode labels, book cards. Many specialized library label types are predefined.

Address, Contact software lable type

Library Software: Print labels, select fields and label type.

library software, print labels, barcode labels

Preview labels, book title, author, and barcode.

predefined barcode spine labels

There are many predefined barcode, spine, member id card labels.

library software, mailing labels

Preview labels, mailing labels.

library spine labels

Preview labels, spine labels.

library member cards

Preview labels, library member cards.

Small Library Tour : 5. Print labels

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