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Small School Library.

We have been using School Library Organizer Pro at Talitha Kumi School for about 3 years to keep track of the school books. Talitha Kumi is a secondary Christian German school serving the Palestinian students in the West Bank. It receives support from Berlin Mission Work in Germany, church and through fund raising to keep the school running. The software is user friendly with very good functionality and very stable. It is also affordable compared to other library software. The items being tracked in the software are mainly the school books, periodicals and borrowed items. The librarians are looking after checking items out/in. The library is fairly small. Currently there was a need for recording books with Arabic titles for a small community college (with about 75 students) which is part of the school. This is why we needed the Handy Library Software. The librarians at the school library and the secretary at the community college use application roughly about twice a week. We keep backups of the database on regular basis. The good thing about the software is that the database is easy to maintain.
Talitha Kumi School, Nader

Small Church Library.

Library type: Church library
Library items: books, a few periodicals, VHS/DVD
Number of items: plus or minus 2000
Software summary: Your software is affordable while at the same time having a lot of features of the more expensive programs. I am very happy with every aspect of the program I have used. There are a lot of features that I haven't needed and therefore haven't spent the time learning.
Application users: when up and running, hopefully church members will do their own check in/out, presently, a librarian is responsible for all aspects of the program
Support comment: I am pleased with support which has always been prompt. Andre has always worked tenaciously with me to get the search fields that I particularly want, set up. Online help is also useful.
Suggestions: Perhaps as I use the program for a longer period of time I will have suggestions for new features. At this point I have nothing to offer here....
Conclusion: As a former public school-, college- and public librarian, I have worked with a few large library automation systems. And at this point I have no complaints about this program's capabilities and the support you offer. I don't hesitate to recommend this program for its affordability and for its capabilities.
Grace United Methodist Church
Elizabeth Thigpen

Equipment Library.

The Community Television Network is a non-profit Public Access TV station in Portland, Maine. We use the Handy Equipment Tool Manager to keep track of about 200 pieces of video equipment that we loan out to our Access Producers for their video projects. The equipment we manage includes video cameras, tripods, batteries, microphones and cables. We selected Handy Tool Manager because it provides all of the features of programs that are written specifically for Access Stations but at a much more affordable price a big concern for a non-profit like ours. One staff member administers the program and the Check In/Out process is done by one of four staff members using a barcode scanner. The program helps us keep track of overdue equipment so we can ensure that nothing goes missing. The program is very reliable and easy to learn and use.
Brian Knoblock
Media Coordinator
Community Television Network
Portland, Maine

school supplemental learning small library.

We run an after school supplemental learning program. We are starting a small library of books for our students. We have a little over 400 books (around 250 unique books) that are being managed by this library. When I investigated library software offered on the web, I found that they are mostly difficult to use. I first tried the Small Library Organizer Pro, and it has pretty much all the features that we need. The price is reasonable. But after communicating with a support team, I found that the Handy Library Manager is a newer program. So we adopted it. When I evaluated these two programs, I found that able to lookup (and download) the book information from Amazon (or Library of Congress) by just scanning the UPC barcode, is a great time-saver. Students will check items in and out. The software will be used by one of our assistants, a couple of days a week.
Chesterfield Kumon Center, Kam Chan

small private school, church library

We are a small private elementary school that is connected to a church. Our library is 99% books--primarily children's books. But we also have a fair number of theological books that church members can borrow if desired. The maximum number of items we plan to manage is about 4000. We chose this program primarily because of the reasonable price. When I finish inputting all the data, the students and teachers themselves will be checking the books out. There is currently a part-time librarian who is in charge of the software.
Karen C., Olivt New Church and School

Higher Education Commission, library

My organisation is a statutory body that is the regulator for higher education in Fiji. Your software is affordable and user-friendly, so we are government funded. Most of the local IT companies don't have similar types of software that is readily available, thus customisation will cost thousands of dollars. I have just had a brief look through the content of the features, and I must say that it is very appealing.
Frentina A.
Fiji Higher Education Commission


HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA College We use software in a private college. We organize books, CDs, journals. At present we plan organize about 12000 items. Librarian is responsible for checking in/out process and she is in charge of running the software as well. We decided to use your software because of affordable price.
HOTEL SCHOOL librarian

Handy Library Manager

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