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  • The Official Beckett Price Guide to Basketball Cards 2005, Edition #14 (Official Price Guide to Basketball Cards) by BECKETT, DR JAMES
  • The Official Beckett Price Guide to Football Cards 2005, Edition #24 (Official Price Guide to Football Cards) by BECKETT, DR JAMES
  • The Official Price Guide to Baseball Cards 2005 Edition #25 (Official Price Guide to Baseball Cards) by BECKETT, DR JAMES
  • Foul Ball Trading Cards by Cohen
  • 1998 Sports Collectors Almanac (Serial) by Digest, Editors of Sports Collectors
  • Football Basketball and Hockey Price Guide by Digest, Sports Collectors
  • Sports Collectors Almanac 2000 (Sports Collectors Almanac) by Digest, Sports Collectors
  • Premium Insert Sports Cards by Digest, Staff of Sports Collectors
  • The Sport Americana Team Football and Basketball Card Checklist, No 2 (Sport Americana Series) by Fritsch, Jeff
  • Pete Georgiady's Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide, 2000 by Geogiady, Peter
  • 101 Ways to Make Money in the Trading-Card Market by Green, Paul
  • Collecting Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey Cards by Green, Paul
  • Making Money With Baseball Cards: A Handbook of Insider Secrets and Strategies by Green, Paul M.
  • Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia (3rd ed) by Larson, Mark K.
  • Complete Guide to Football, Basketball and Hockey Memorabilia by Larson, Mark K.
  • Sportscard Counterfeit Detector/All New 1994 Updates (Sports Collectors Digest) by Lemke, Bob
  • Instant Expert: Collecting Sports Cards (Instant Expert) by McKeever, Michael
  • Instant Expert: Collecting Sports Memorabilia (Instant Expert) by McKeever, Michael
  • The Top 200 Sportscards in the Hobby: An In-Depth Guide for the Card Collector by Orlando, Joe
  • Collecting Sports Autographs by Owens, Tom
  • Classic Sporting Collectibles Pocket Guide by Publications, Blue Book
  • Sports Schedule Identification and Price Guide 1870-2003 by Purba, Sanjiv
  • Hall of Fame Baseball Cards by Sugar, Bert R.
  • National League Baseball Cards Classics by Sugar, Bert Randolph

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